This organization is composed of music teachers in northwest Alabama.

The Shoals Area Music Teachers Forum (SAMTF) was formed in 1975. We are affiliates of Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and Alabama Music Teachers Association (AMTA). One of our primary objectives is to provide public performance opportunities and other entertaining music education activities for our students. To this end, we sponsor Make It Minor at Halloween, Recitals at the Ritz Theatre in Sheffield, Music Olympics, and Kidz Jamm during the W.C. Handy Music Festival. We also provide continuing education opportunities for our teachers, meeting monthly to share information and hone our teaching skills. If you would like information about studying piano, violin, or voice with one of our members, please complete the contact form. Thank you for visiting our site!

Forum members include the following teachers:

FlorenceMuscle Shoals
Noel BeckLibby Counts
Dr. Yi-Min CaiLynne Crabtree
Chriss Enlow DanielsLisa Silver
Linda Lightsey
Carol LynnSheffield
Kristie SmithElena Sandrell
Gail SpiresAnita Scott